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I have a couple of CD's full of anime graphics that I want to tube - when I get the time that is...could be a while!  Then I thought it would be nice to share some of the anime graphics I have.  You can either tube these yourself or if you don't have PSP you can save these graphics and create what you want with them.

Please understand I can't list any terms of use for these images since I am NOT the artist who created these images.  Only remember, these are meant for non profit sites.  If you are the artist, and can prove you drew/painted these images, contact me and I will follow any copyright requests you may have!  I would love to list the artists name and websites!

I have retained the original file name when possible.  When they have a line of letters and numbers - I've had to rename them.  I have had to reduce the sizes though.

Just right click on the image you want and save it to your hard drive. No hot linking please!


More Soon!

Are you an anime addict?  Truly?  Why not join us!

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